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Health Literacy: More Reputable Sources

This health literacy guide is designed to help students find and assess sources of quality health information

NH State Resources

Contact a Professional

Well-published and experienced health professionals - health practitioners, experts, faculty - are resources, too!

Medline Plus has a comprehensive listing of directories to locate health professionals, services and facilities.


Recent books by experienced authors from reputable commercial or academic press publishers can provide good summaries of current thinking and research on health and medical issues.

Search the catalog below for books held by UNH and other libraries.

"Grey Area"

Web sites, YouTube, blogs, ansd social media such as Facebook and Twitter can provide credible information - or not. Since anyone can use these communication methods, there can be little, if any, quality control or reviewing.

Private companies/businesses may also provide reputable or not-so-reliable information. Much depends on their motivation and the quaiity and amount of evidence they provide in support of their products, services, and claims.

In all these cases, use the criteria listed in the Good or Garbage page to critically evaluate the information and its author, sponsor or sender.