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Health Literacy: Getting Started

This health literacy guide is designed to help students find and assess sources of quality health information

Why You Need Health Literacy

  1. To make wise health/healthcare decisions for you and your family
  2. To write an effective, evidence-based class paper, letter to a newspaper editor, or a journal manuscript
  3. To have effective interactions with your healthcare provider

Did You Know That ...

Only 12 percent of U.S. adults had proficient health literacy, according to a 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy study.


This guide, a component of the Health Literacy Module, was created by Holly Tutko, Clinical Assistant Professor, NH Institute for Health Policy & Practice and Louise Buckley, Reference Librarian/Associate Professor, UNH Library

Health Literacy is...

the capacity to find, assess, and apply health information (such as a health news story, a health pamphlet, counsel from a health provider, a research article, or medication directions).

This guide offers practical information to help you learn more about

  1. different health information mediums
  2. evaluating the credibility of a potential health information source
  3. reputable health information resources available online and at UNH
  4. assessing the results of a research study

Health Literacy


Terminology Help

Understanding what health or medical terms mean is a good first step.

Some reliable sources: