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Master in Public Administration Program (MPA) (UNH Manchester): Articles

Scholarly/Academic & Peer Reviewed Articles

Scholarly (aka academic) articles are written by and for academics, researchers, and experts in the specific topic or broader subject area of the article. Typically involves commercial or professional association publishers.

Peer Reviewed (aka refereed) articles are those scholarly articles which have been reviewed prior to publication by other experts in the topic of the article. Often reviewers are external (not members of the journal's editorial staff or board).


What is a Peer-Reviewed Article?

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Primary vs Secondary Sources

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Licensed under Creative Commons.

Academic Article Sources

Depending on your specific topic, one of these specialized databases may be helpful. For more online resources in areas such as the environment, education, and health, check out the complete Database List.

Most of these databases focus on academic articles, but some include other types of sources such as book chapters, government reports, and conference proceedings.

Getting Articles from Other Libraries

Click on the Check for UNH Full Text icon in the database record to see how to get a copy of the article: whether online, in print or from another library.

If the UNH Library doesn't have the article you want, request it through Interlibrary Loan.