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Summer 2024 Library Resources & Assistance (UNH Manchester): Reserve a Study Room

New for Fall 2021

Library Study Room Policy

Link to study room =

Rooms 235 & 261 (1-4 people)

These rooms can only be scheduled in advance (maximum of 3 hours per day).

The doors to these rooms will be unlocked.

There is no same-day booking of these rooms.

When not scheduled, these rooms are available on a first come, first served basis.

A single user may use the room.

A calendar of when the room is available will be posted.

  • Drop-in users will be asked to vacate the room for a scheduled user.
  • Personal belongings cannot be left in room to “hold” the room. Unattended items will be removed from the room and brought to security.

Rooms 264 & 273 (minimum 2 people)

These rooms must be scheduled, either in advance or same-day.

A single user cannot book these rooms. Options for single user:

  • Silent Study room
  • Rooms 235 or 261 (if available)
  • Other open study rooms in the building: 306, 608, 620, 626, 648

Room can be reserved for up to 3 hours.

Check key out to the user.

Users are responsible for personal property. Don't leave items unattended.

Maintain a moderate noise level that does not disturb others in adjoining rooms or outside the rooms. Rooms are not soundproof.

Leave the room in good condition for the next user. Erase the whiteboard and dispose of any trash.


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