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Placing Items on Reserve at the UNH Library

Requesting items be placed on reserve at the library for use by your students is a great idea when you know that your students may have difficulty accessing the material on their own. There are many reasons students may be unable to access required material on their own including: financial constraints, publisher/vendor shipping wait times, lack of access to the edition/item you are teaching from, etc. While there is no requirement for your class text(s) to be placed on reserve at the library, doing so increases access for everyone. 

We suggest that, before you place physical items on reserve at any library location, you review Open Educational Resources for use in your class as these may replace your need for reserve service at the library. To get started, please choose the Open Educational Resources tab to the left.

For Dimond Library and our Durham Branch Libraries, use this form to place books and multimedia items on reserve.

For our Manchester campus library use this form.

For our Law campus library please email Kathy Fletcher

Not all circulation options will be available for all locations. We will confirm the options with you as we process your request.

Please note - you should expect that it can take some time to process your request and have these materials ready to circulate to your students. Submit your reserve requests early and/or plan with your students for how they will access their material(s) before the library reserve copy is ready for circulation.

Please advertise to your students that you have placed material on reserve for them - it's a good idea to place this information in your syllabi, as well as announcing in class.

Types of Items to Put on Reserve

  • The main, required, text(s) for your course - the library will place 1 copy of the required text(s) for your course on reserve; if use of this copy is high, we may request that you provide extra personal copies for us to provide to your students via reserves.
  • DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs, other multimedia items (that are required for your students to watch, listen to, use) - the library will place 1 copy of the required material for your course on reserve.

*non-required material - we find that it's best to NOT place non-required materials on reserve at the library. Students are less likely to be seeking out this material, and when they do - it's a good chance for them to learn how to track material down on their own.

Need assistance allowing a group of students access to something you own, but this isn't for a specific course? Please read about our Mediated Retrieval option by choosing the Mediated Retrieval button to the left.

If you want to link to articles in the library databases or to a specific chapter of an ebook in your myCourses/Canvas page, we have an instructive guide to help. You may also contact or your Subject Librarian for assistance.