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Law Library Course Reserves

The Law Library purchases all required textbooks for UNH Franklin Pierce Law School courses and places them on course reserve for student use.  If a professor lists a recommended book, and it is owned by the Law Library, that book will be put on Reserve as well.  Books check out for three hours at a time, and are not renewable. The Law Library maintains a scanner/photocopier for student use as well. Textbooks are removed from course reserve at the end of every semester.  

The Law Library uses the UNH Bookstore as its guide for determining a course's required books.  The Law Library does not have access to each professor's syllabus.  Therefore, if there is a book from the Law Library collection which you would like to have placed on course reserve -- and, you haven't notified the UNH Bookstore -- you must notify Kathy Fletcher before the beginning of the semester. 

Other Course Options

Law students can spend $2000-$3000 per year on textbooks.  There are less expensive resources. CALI's E-Langdell books are open access (free to students and to you,) and often come with a Teacher's Manual. If you haven't explored these yet, or would like some additional info on what they are all about, please check out this video. 

Also, please note that the UNH Law Library has a variety of ebooks that might be helpful to you as textbooks.  See PLI Discover for many IP titles. These will also be open to your students to use for free.