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Copyright Center for CPS Online (UNH Manchester Library): Use & Attribution Guidelines by Format

Digital Formats

Digital formats of resources can create additional copyright challenges for for faculty who want to use these resources in their classes. The following information is provided by format to help you determine 1) if you can place the digital object directly into your online class 2) how you should attribute the digital object if (when) placed in your course. 


The following links provide information on how to use specific resources for your classes.


Lets Be Practical

As with citing sources, attribution is a way of giving credit to the originator of the resource. In the cases of reuse and remix, it also provides a record of the evolution of the resource . There are various ways to do this; what is presented here is a practical way of attributing resources used, without making the process so burdensome that we are less inclined to do it. Don't make it too complicated- rely on the TASL approach, which stands for Title, Author, Source, License.

How to Attribute Photographs

That being said, you still have to include attribution requirements somehow, even if it's just a link to an About page that has that info. (More on different mediums here)