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David G. Clark Memorial Physics Library (UNH - Durham)

  Professors - How to Place Items on Reserve

Professors and TAs can request items to be placed on reserve for their course each semester.  Items will not be placed on reserve unless requested.  To request items, use the link below to fill out the Reserve Request form.  Submit this form, with FULL CITATIONS, to  Please give us a minimum of 2 days to place these items on reserve before telling your class the items are available on reserve in the Physics Library.

Reserve Request Form

Spring 2020 Physics Courses

Following are the Physics courses offered this semester.  Courses with items on reserve at the Physics Library are linked to their respective reserve lists (this takes time and may not be instantly up-to-date at the beginning of the semester).

The Physics Library is not open at this time, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Reserve items are physical books held within the library.  Many of these resources are available online through the end of the semester through sources such as  Some have digital versions available through the UNH Library catalog. For assistance finding online access to reserve items, contact the Physics Library Manager - Heather Castle -