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Fundamentals of Information Literacy / Critical Thinking

These articles, books, and reports address the basic concepts of, and skills related to, information literacy and critical thinking, especially in terms of college students.


Adhikari, R. (2009, September). Is the Internet killing critical thinking? TechNewsWorld.Retrieved from

A column on the importance of critical thinking in an age of information overload.

Badke, W. (2011). The treachery of keywords. Online, 35(3), 52-54. Available at the UNH Library online through EBSCO.

A column on the pros and cons of only using keywords to search, both on the Internet and within closed systems like a library catalog.

Bail, J. (2009). From business school to the boardroom: Essential research skills for students entering the workplace from a former corporate librarian. Retrieved from (Opens into a PDF.)

A conference poster of a business librarian’s list of information literacy skills students need before entering the workforce.

Gilman, T. (2009, May 14). Not enough time in the library. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from

A column on making the most of out of limited time to use librarians’ research expertise to enhance students’ research skills.

McInnis Bowers, C.V., Chew, B., Bowers, M.R., Ford, C.E., Smith, C., & Herrington, C. (2009). Interdisciplinary synergy: A partnership between business and library faculty and its effects on students' information literacy. Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship, 14(2), 110-127. Electronic article available through the UNH Library.

Shows a change in undergraduates’ attitudes toward print and online sources after being required to use them for a business research project – the result of a collaboration between business faculty and librarians.

Sanger, L. (2010). Individual knowledge in the Internet age. EDUCAUSE Review, 45(2), 14-24. Available online at the EDUCAUSE website.

A well-researched take on collaborative learning and online information literacy by one of the founders of Wikipedia.