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Kanopy offers over 50,000 films from all genres and across all disciplines.

As of January 1st, 2020, Kanopy titles are for instructional purposes only. Previously licensed titles will be available for streaming until their licenses expire, at which point approval will be required for renewals. New titles will be made available for courses or learning opportunities on an individual basis by instructor request.

We are not eliminating any Kanopy videos, we are simply requiring that instructors request videos to be licensed prior to when they are needed for a course. Once a title has been licensed, access to it will remain open on the Kanopy website for twelve months from the date of activation. We will extend or re-license titles for class use when requested by instructors.

Please contact your subject librarian for more information.

Other Subscription Streaming Video Platforms

Other Options for Video Viewing

Demand for streaming titles was on the rise even prior to the global pandemic. COVID only increased demand. But many titles are simply not available to libraries in this format. In other cases, access can be extremely expensive for our limited budget.

Sometimes it is more cost-effective to have students access necessary titles via Netflix or Prime Video (Amazon) or other streaming vendors set up for individual consumers.  

If you would like to have your students watch specific streaming titles through their individual subscriptions or by direct payment to a service, you can find access points to streaming titles on sites such as or (for international films).