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Using the UNH Manchester Library Search Box

Library Search Boxes


The UNH Manchester Library Search Box provides simple, one-stop searching for:

  • Books and e-books
  • Articles in newspapers, journals, and magazines
  • Video and audio

Each UNH Campus has its own Library Search Box, designed for the needs of that campus' user groups.

Search Tips

  • Use Advanced Search for more search options
  • Select the Library Catalog scope to limit to books, e-books, or videos located at the UNH Manchester Library

Sign In

Enter your UNH username and password to:

  • Access your library account
  • Renew and review your library materials
  • Save search results in My Favorites
  • View full search results (some databases will only show results if you are signed in)

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What's New!

"Include items with no full text"

When using the library search box, your search results include a combination of print books and eBooks the library owns as well as articles and other online materials from databases. But, UNH might not have full-text access to all articles. By default, your search results will only include the materials we have full text for. If you want to see items without full text in the results, click "Include items with no full text". From here, you can request unavailable articles through Interlibrary Loan.

"Available Online"

"Available Online" search scope: when narrowing your search using this option (either when first entering your search or when performing an advanced search), you will only get results that are all the electronic resources currently available online, including journal articles and eBooks. To view electronic resources with no full text, check the "Include items with no full text" filter.

Available Online search scope

"Search by Form or Genre"

The "Form / Genre" Advanced Search applies to the material type of an item (like Maps) or the genre of an item (like Romance films). Click the "Any Field" drop down menu in Advanced Search and select "Form / Genre" like you would for "Title" or "Author/Creator". If you aren't sure of the exact wording of your form or genre, select "contains", and enter in your search term. If you know the exact wording (often found within the record of an item or in a subject thesaurus), select "is (exact)". This search is useful if your material type or genre isn't listen in the "Material Type" filter in Advanced Search.

If you go into an item that has a form or genre listed in its record, you can click on it to perform an Advanced Search for that form or genre!

External Search

Sometimes, you might want resources we don't have immediate access to. You might also be having a hard time finding what you want. Whatever the case may be, you can now repeat your search in either Books & Media Worldwide or our proxied Google Scholar. Just click their respective links in the new External Search filter.

Using the External Search

Help Menu

In the top right corner of your search results, you'll see a question mark. When you click that question mark, a Help Menu will appear on your screen. The information in this menu gives you updates about the Library Search Box, tips for searching, citation information, and more! You can also click to open the Help Menu in a new window.

Using the Help Meni

Newspapers Search

Newspaper articles will no longer show up in your regular search results. Instead, you can repeat your search in the Newspapers Search by clicking the link in the Resource Type filter or at the bottom of your search results.

You can go directly to the Newspapers Search by going to

Using the Newspapers Search