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Using the UNH Manchester Library Search Box

Broad Searches

You can use the wildcard operator in quotation marks "*" to perform broad searches. To do so, put "*" in an Advanced Search with at least one filter, such as language. In this example, I want to see everything the library has in the Spanish language.

Broad searches with wildcard


Newspapers can be tricky to search. If you want to find articles in The Wall Street Journal, you might think to search "wall street journal" and then use the Newspaper Articles filter under Resource Type. However, this won't show you articles published in The Wall Street Journal. It will show you articles published anywhere where "wall street journal" is in the details, such as in the Title or Subjects.

If you want to find articles published in The Wall Street Journal or any other newspaper, type the name of the newspaper in the search box and then use the Newspaper filter under Resource Type. It will show you the record for that newspaper that you can then click into and access the full text through one of our databases.