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Master in Community Development Policy and Practice (MCD, MACDPP

Academic Article Sources

Depending on your specific topic, one of these specialized databases may be helpful. For more online resources in areas such as the environment, education, and health, check out the complete Database List.

Most of these databases focus on academic articles, but some include other types of sources such as book chapters, government reports, and conference proceedings.

Additional Search Options

The UNH Library search box provides one-stop searching for books and e-books; articles in newspapers, journals, and magazines; and video and audio

This can be useful if you want

  • multidisciplinary coverage specifically
  • initial exploration
  • additional resources by being comprehensive for articles outside of your primary discipline

You can limit results to peer reviewed journals and by publication date, An advanced search with additional options is available:

Keyword searching across citations, abstracts and full text of articles (even if the full text isn't available to you).


  • identify relevant articles, especially if your search is pretty specific.
  • useful for exploratory purposes or when you're "covering all the bases"


  • hard to organize or sort in useful ways
  • unable to search by subject or limit by anything other than time

Enhance efficiency by adjusting these Google Scholar settings so that

  • Library Links shows library access links to UNH (so you have quicker access to full text that UNH is subscribing to)

Connect to

Reading a Social Science Article

Alerts & Current Awareness Services

Alerts and RSS feeds can help you stay current in your field or with a topic of interest with only a little time and effort on your part. These services are usually available from journal publishers and databases and help you monitor recent publications related to your research interests.

For more detail on various types of alerts provided by database and journal publishers, please view the guides below that were developed by librarians at other institutions. Where these guides discuss or link to specific databases or services, please use the UNH Databases listings to connect to the UNH subscription to reach the correct authentication path.