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RMP 800: Concepts Recreation & Leisure (UNH Durham)

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Finding Books

 Use the UNH library catalog to search for a specific title, author, subject, call number, ISBN, etc. held by the UNH Library.

The library catalog will identify books, journal titles (not articles), DVDs/videos, musical scores and recordings, maps, etc. at the Durham and Manchester campus libraries. Best source for ebooks available at the UNH Library.

The pulldown menu can be set to search UNH Libraries only or broadened to search Boston Library Consortium (BLC) holdings or libraries worldwide (mostly in the US and Canada).

Items not available at the UNH Libraries usually can be requested from other libraries by using the Request option located on the right side of an item record.

The above is a keyword search of titles, authors, subjects, and content notes.

UNH Libraries holdings are followed by BLC holdings and then Libraries Worldwide. Within each group, results are then ranked by relevance. Further refining by date, format, language, and other fields is possible.

Browsing Library Collections

Common call number range

Recreation & Leisure:   GV

Recreational Therapy:    RC 489.R4

Recreational therapy in the area of therapeutics: RM 736.7 and RM 73

Parks:   SB 481 - 486

Books are arranged by subject so browse for related books next to the title you are looking for.

Recreation management and policy is multidisciplinary, so useful books will often be found in other call number ranges.

If Not at UNH

Request from