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Frazzle Free Finals - Study Break!

Reduce stress by enjoying one or more of these fun activities.

Bulldog puppy with chef's hat standing on shelf with cooking supplies


Make something from ingredients around your house.

Colorful craft supplies sitting on some fabric with a scrapbook


Make a scrapbook or relax with a DIY bath bomb.

The British Ukulele Orchestra standing in tuxedos holding up their ukuleles


Watch a concert virtually or take guitar or ukulele lessons free online with Fender.

Books on bed

Read to Sleep

Find ebooks on the UNH Library website and through your local library. Or listen to an audiobook.

Person walking on trail in sunlit woods with a little dog

Walking Outside

Enjoy the peace of bird song or discover a new podcast during your walk.

Silhouette of a woman in warrior pose with whale swimming in aquarium behind her


Try some virtual yoga with a 30 minute session in the Georgia Aquarium.