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Cite References in your Paper and Create a Bibliography

  1. Open Microsoft Word and type your paper. (It also works with Open Office)
  2. When you want to add a citation, you will find the Zotero toolbar in a number of places, depending on your operating system, version of Word, and version of Zotero.
    • a. In the Zotero tab at the top of the screen.
    • b. In the Add-Ins tab at the top of the screen
    • c. Hovering around the screen as its own toolbar (labeled with a "Z").
  3. Click on the Add/Edit Citation button. This will look different on different systems, but you can hover over any icon to see what it does.
  4. The Z bar will open (you may be asked to choose your citation style first). Search for a document by keyword by typing into the box, or click the "Z" and select classic view to see a list of your documents.
  5. Select a citation and click OK. The citation will be inserted.
  6. To change the citation style, click the document preferences. If you do not see your preferred citation style, you can add more to the list by opening Zotero, clicking Edit >Preferences>Cite>Styles and clicking Get additional styles. You can choose from thousands of styles to install.
  7. To create a bibliography, move your cursor to where you would like the bibliography inserted, and click the Add/Edit Bibliography button.
  8. To remove a document from the bibliography, delete it and hit Refresh. All references to it will also be deleted.