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Zotero (UNH Durham)

Edit Your Preferences

in Zotero click Edit > Preferences (or click Zotero > Preferences). Some things you might want to change:

  • General:
    • Check or uncheck what you want Zotero to do automatically when saving citations from a website, such as download a PDF when available, save an image of the site, tag items, etc.
  • Sync:
    • Enter your Zotero account information (or click "Create Account" if you don't have one.)
    • Check your preferred sync options to your online Zotero account.
  • Search
    • Make sure PDF indexing software is installed and up-to-date, which helps with searching within PDFs.
  • Export
    • Set an export format for exporting references to another program.
  • Cite:
    • Install the Microsoft Word add-on under the Word Processors tab.
    • Click the Styles tab to install more citation styles.
  • Advanced:
    • On the Files and Folder tab, view and/or change the Data Directory Location to save your Zotero files to a specific location.
    • On the General tab, change OpenURL from 'Default' to 'Custom' and paste under Resolver. This will help Zotero find UNH Library sources when searching online.