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Chemistry (UNH-Durham) : Find Articles

Resources for reference and access to information about chemistry and related sciences.

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Scholarly or Popular?

Scholarly articles

  • Lengthy; include references, footnotes or bibliographies
  • Author(s) report original research or experiments
  • Academic, professional readership
  • May be illustrated with graphs or charts
  • May not have color pictures or ads
  • Titles like "Journal of the" or "Journal for the"

Popular articles

  • Short, terse
  • Rarely footnoted
  • References seldom listed
  • Written by staff or freelancers
  • Inform, entertain general public
  • Glossy/color photographs, ads
  • Sold in stores, newsstands, etc

Finding Articles on Your Topic

Looking for a journal article on your topic? Journal articles may be found in many different places, including databases, reference lists, print materials as well as directly from your professor.

The most common way to find journal articles on a compound or chemistry topic is to search a chemistry database or resource. The databases and resources below are good places to begin.   The results of your research in these Chemistry databases should give you citations to articles on your topic.

Select Chemistry Databases

The core database in Chemistry is SciFinder Scholar which provides access to Chemical Abstracts online. For additional in-depth and specialized research in Chemistry try searching other highly-recommended Chemistry databases from the UNH Library Database List and Chemistry Library Selected Resource List.

Additional Databases to Search for Chemistry Articles

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