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Ocean Mapping (UNH - Durham)

Information on finding bathymetric and other ocean maps; resources for ESCI courses that involve ocean mapping

About Ocean Maps

This guide will help you find maps of the ocean floor, particularly maps that depict the topography of this surface or that describe its geology.

Maps that show the depth of water relative to sea level are called "bathymetric" maps. Many bathymetric maps are published within journal articles or in books; others are published as stand-alone maps, either in paper or digital format.

This guide covers both basic and more advanced techniques.

Accessing Library Resources

Some of the resources in this guide are freely available. Others such as online databases and electronic journals may be accessed by users on the UNH network, including from workstations in the Library.

However, off-campus access to most of the databases and electronic journals as well as the capability to request materials from other libraries is generally limited to current UNH students, faculty, and staff.