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Developing a Topic

Think about the information you are searching for and brainstorm a list of the various keywords that describe your topic.  What words or combinations of words will retrieve the specific information that you need?  As you retrieve information take note of any new keywords or subject terms to use in your research.

For example you might search using:

Country, Region, or Place Name

  • Japan
  • "United States" or America
  • Adirondacks
  • "New England"

 Title of the Work

  • "La Japonaise"
  • "The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit"
  • "The Slave Ship"

 Name of the Artist

  • Monet
  • Picasso
  • "J. M. W. Turner"
  • "John Singer Sargent"

Movements, Theories, Schools

  • impressionism
  • cubism
  • orientalism
  • "pop art"
  • "Ecole de Paris"

Subjects, Themes, Time Periods

  • war
  • motherhood
  • slavery or abolition
  • "gilded age"


Research Process Flow Chart

The following flow chart can be helpful in identifying the concepts around the research process. But remember that research is not necessarily linear--as implied by the flow chart--but can be very iterative. Start anywhere here and you may be moving backward and forward through the chart.

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