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Research with Indigenous Communities

Principles of Data Sovereignty & Governance

When conducting research with Indigenous communities, Indigenous data, and Indigenous knowledge, crafting a data management plan will entail conversations with your Indigenous research partners or research participants. The CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance, the First Nations principles of OCAP®, and the Principles of Māori Data Sovereignty can help guide these conversations.

Considerations for Data Management & Sharing Plans

Data management and sharing plans (DMP or DMSP) are important tools for establishing transparency and a shared understanding with your research partners on the kinds of data and metadata that will be collected, how and where the data will be stored, who will have access to the data, whether or not the data will be shared publicly, roles of research partners for the responsible management of data, and questions of ownership and intellectual property rights. There are special considerations for areas such as ownership of data, intellectual property, and restrictions on sharing when conducting research with Indigenous partners or Indigenous participants.

Indigenous Data Sovereignty Networks