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Research with Indigenous Communities

Research Involving Indigenous Peoples

When involving Indigenous Peoples in research, researchers need to consider a variety of factors beyond federal and state human subjects protections regulations, University of New Hampshire (UNH) policy, and UNH Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research requirements, such as informed consent procedures, research data sovereignty, and tribal IRB approval. Researchers should review relevant resources before designing a study where Indigenous Peoples are involved as participants and determine early whether tribal IRB approval will be needed in addition to UNH IRB approval.

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Guiding Principles for Engaging in Research with Native American Communities from the University of New Mexico Center for Rural and Community Behavioral Health & Albuquerque Area Southwest Tribal Epidemiology Center. "This document is intended for use by researchers, both non-Native and Native, working with Native American peoples and their respective communities...[It is intended] to: 1) provide written guidance when encountering challenges in research relationships and processes; 2) elicit thoughtful discussion among researchers, and; 3) increase awareness of our responsibilities as investigators not only to the individuals participating in research but also to the communities."

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