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Linking to E-resources @ UNH: EBooks

Instructions for creating persistent links to e-journal articles, e-book chapters, and other online content.

More information on ebooks

The Library has ebooks from several vendors. For more information on using ebooks through the UNH Library (such as how to download to an ereader), please check out the following guides:

Ebook Library (EBL): 

EBooks on EBSCOhost:


Ebook Links

You can create persistent links to the Library's Ebooks or dissertations by right-clicking on the link provided in the Library's catalog and choosing Copy Shortcut/Copy Link Address. 




Linking directly to a specific page

EBOOK CENTRAL:  Navigate to the page or chapter that you want to link to. At the top of the page, click on the Share Link icon (it looks like two links of a chain). Copy and paste the URL from the window that pops up.

EBSCO: Go to the page/chapter that you want and click on the Permalink tool on the right. Copy the URL from the  pop up text box which appears above the ebook.

SAFARI: Navigate to the chapter/page that you want, then copy the link from the browser address bar