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Open Educational Resources: Nursing

Open Educational Resources are teaching, learning, and research resources released under an open license that permits their free use and repurposing by others.


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On this page you will find open access Nursing textbooks along with supplemental materials. The purpose of these subject specific pages is to highlight content for those who are interested in what open educational resources are available. This list of content is by no means exhaustive.  The nature of open educational resources is very collaborative and we encourage comments about the content featured on this page, or recommendations of content that are not found here. 

Case Studies and Simulations

Nursing Textbooks


  • A Comprehensive Book on Autism Spectrum Disorders - Covers the most important topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorders in the efficient way and aims to be useful for health professionals in training or clinicians seeking an update.

  • Challenges in Elder Care - Intended as a brief but focused compilation to assist with diagnosis and management of the most common serious medical problems in the rapidly growing geriatric population. 

  • Hypoxia and Human Diseases - Provides a comprehensive and updated overview of cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying hypoxia's impacts on human health, as well as current advances and future directions in the detection, recognition, and management of hypoxia-related disorders.

Nursing Resources

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