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Justice Studies (UNH Durham)

Resources and strategies to serve as starting points for research in the Justice Studies program.

Suggested Databases to Start With

These databases serve as excellent starting points to get results from recognized, reputable academic sources:

Additional Databases to Consider

Depending on your specific topic, one or more of these specialized databases may be helpful. For more online resources, check out the complete Database List.

Legal Databases

Google Scholar (see last box below) provides access to an extensive collection of federal and state cases through an easy-to-use interface and navigation.

Access to other legal resources in addition to federal and state cases is available through the following subscription databases:

Google Scholar

Google Scholar offers an extensive database of state and federal cases, accessible through a straightforward search interface with simple navigation.

The articles search function is useful for general secondary research. Keyword search across citations, abstracts and full text of articles (even if the full text isn't immediately available).

Enhance efficiency by making sure your Google Scholar settings are set so "Library Links" shows library access links to UNH. This gives you quicker access to full text that UNH is subscribing to.