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MUSI 515 Fieldwork Research Resources

Fieldwork Research Tips

  • In a music-specific database, such as RILM, you don't need to include "music" as a keyword.
  • In most research databases, use * with root words to search for various endings.
    • For example: comput* can search for computer, computers, computing, computed, etc.
    • In other words, music* can search for musick, musician, musicians, musicianship, musicology, etc.
  • Use smart Google searching to find professional organizations dedicated to your topic.
    • For example: american musician will assist in finding, the American Federation of Musicians, and, the National Association for Music Education.

The above video (McMaster University Library [3:44]) can help you think about new ways to search. Note that AND is often the default operator in databases, and Google automatically links keywords by AND.

In most databases, you can't just grab the URL at the top of your browser screen and expect to link back to the article. Some databases are "session specific," meaning the information is lost once you close or log out of the system. Instead, look for the "permalink" to the article and copy that into your citation management program or into your bibliography directly. The screen shots below can help you find the permalinks in different vendor interfaces.

In the Library Search Box interface, look for the link image. It appears in the search results list as well as in individual records.

Screen shot of permalink in search results

In RILM, Academic Search Ultimate, and other EBSCO databases, click into the item title (the record) and the permalink is on the right-hand side under Tools.

Screenshot from RILM

In JSTOR, the permalink is called the Stable URL. Find it by clicking on the item title and look for it on the left-hand side. The Remote Access URL will work as well.

Screen shot of JSTOR record

For other vendor interfaces, you might need to look around to find where the permalink is listed.