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Responsible Conduct of Research & Scholarly Activity

This research guide provides access to a host of resources on the responsible conduct of research and scholarly activity.

Climate & Culture

Science is a human and a social endeavor, and as such, science as an enterprise reflects positive and negative traits of society.  Positive traits include creativity, perseverance, collaboration, the quest for knowledge, and the desire to alleviate suffering; these are what makes scientists labor long hours testing a hypothesis, or seeking answers to difficult questions.  Yet unfortunately, there is also a darker side of science, where some of the less desirable traits of humanness, such as bias, harassment, exclusion, bullying, inequity, and disrespect, are present.  

Science has only recently started to recognize that difficult, even untenable, environments exist for some individuals within the enterprise, and to take steps to create a more equitable, respectful, and healthy work environment ~ physically, socially, and intellectually ~ for all its members.

Ten Simple Rules - PLOS Collection