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Responsible Conduct of Research & Scholarly Activity

This research guide provides access to a host of resources on the responsible conduct of research and scholarly activity.

Responsible Conduct of Research

“Integrity in research is essential for maintaining scientific excellence and for keeping the public’s trust.  Integrity characterizes both individual researchers and the institutions in which they work….For a scientist, integrity embodies above all the individual’s commitment to intellectual honesty and personal responsibility….For an institution, it is a commitment to creating an environment that promotes responsible conduct by embracing standards of excellence, trustworthiness, and lawfulness….”

~ (Institute of Medicine, Integrity in Scientific Research, 2002, p. 4)

This Research Guide provides access to a host of resources on responsible conduct of research and scholarly activity (RCR) topics listed in the menu on the left hand side of the page, and below in the tabbed pages.  For a general overview of RCR, read David Resnik's essay, What is Ethics in Research & Why is it Important?


UNH RCR Case Study Series

UNH's Responsible Conduct of Research Case Study Series are used in the UNH RCR training sessions and UNH's Graduate Course in Research Ethics.  Each case study is real (not contrived), and includes discussion questions.  Copyright for the case studies is owned by the University of New Hampshire. 

Ten Simple Rules - PLOS Collection